Being Important- Gone with the Wind

I saw a headline the other day under Celebrity Deaths

Ann Rutherford: ‘Gone with the Wind’ actress dies at 94

The story in the LA Times indicated “Ann Rutherford, one of the last surviving cast

Cropped screenshot of Ann Rutherford from the ...

Cropped screenshot of Ann Rutherford from the trailer for the film Love Finds Andy Hardy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

member of “Gone with the Wind,” died Monday night at her Beverly Hills home at the age of 94.

And while she’d played Polly Benedict, girlfriend to a teenage Mickey Rooney, in the Andy Hardy movies, it was her role as Scarlett O’Hara’s younger sister, Carreen, in Gone With the Wind that she was best known.

It almost didn’t happen.

MGM head Louis B. Mayer called it “a nothing part”, intending to cut it, but Rutherford burst into tears, asking him to reconsider. Mayer okayed the part.

Of course, fame is fleeting, but I think the enduring gem tucked into this story is that no one wants to be a “nothing part.” We all carry an invisible sign: I want to feel worthwhile and important.

Criticism or withholding praise can blow those moments of connection away with the wind. Getting any church group, office group, neighborhood group, or even family to all agree can be a real headbanger. Believe me, the Lutheran Ladies don’t always see things the same way. But criticism junks up the road with wounded hearts, taking a long time to heal.

We have more of a chance of a positive discussion and being anchored against the winds when we remember each of us is carrying an invisible sign. I want to feel important.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:2

20 thoughts on “Being Important- Gone with the Wind

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  2. What a great post. My aunt had the same thing after my grandparents died. I spent a number of weekends helping her out and while my grandparents didn’t hoard, they had a lot of stuff that hadn’t been needed for years – checks back to the 1950’s, old payroll records, and boxes of receipts. We shredded bags and bags of stuff.

    I did come home with a pretty pristine set of my own report cards from grade school and some photo albums of trips that my family had taken with my grandparents. My cousins got the photo albums of their own trips with our grandparents.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I found the name of your blog hilarious as I did grow up Lutheran. There is definitely a culture around that. I love the Lutheran joke books in the stores – they are so true.

  3. I decided a long time ago when I was a child and my Mother was concerned that I was spending so much time with art. She admonished me with “You’ll never be Picasso” I turned to her and said, “I don’t want to be Picasso, I want to be me.” From that moment on, I knew that fame had nothing to do with it. I was who I was and who GOD had created, and that was all I needed… it was fine with me. As long as no one knew who I was, the longer I had to develop who I was without interferance. It’s worked out fine…although I might add I’ve had a bit more fame than I would have desired… but probably just enough to keep me challenged in what I do. Art has led me on the most amazing journey, as long as I did not make it a GOD or demand from it what it would not and could not do for me. To be thankful is my happiness.
    You have a great site here. I hope all the words from all of your friends add wisdom and strength and peace and joy to you all. Merrill

    • What an amazing moment that’s so crystal in your mind. For most of us (I think…I guess I can’t speak for everyone) it takes years to speak with this much confidence and clarity about what you want to do. I know EXACTLY what you mean about wanting to work unknown. It does allow experimentation without the fear of failure. Thanks for your good wishes, Merrill.

  4. Sweet words of advice here. I try, especially, to encourage teenagers. Not in a fake, here’s a ribbon for you way, but in a genuine and caring way that is also a lot more about listening than about me talking.

  5. Wow… that is very true. In the end of the day, we all want to feel important in some way. We want to feel that we are worthwhile. Thank you for your comment on my blog. 🙂 It means a lot to me when people give me their insight.

  6. In this life we don’t always know when we have touched or helped someone in some way. Small kindnesses can be an enormous help to some one in need. Even holding a door open, or helping some one tying to reach an item high on a grocery shelf can make some ones day.
    In my life I want to be positive at all times. I don’t want to hear some one complaining. I have had some horrific times in the last five years and I know the importance keeping negativity at bay. Keep you petty problems to yourself and put a smile on your face. As a dear friend likes to say “suck it up Buttercup”. She always says it with a smile. Virginia

    • Virginia…this could be a whole post in itself. How many times have I been thumping along through a day and then someone does a tiny little kindness. It changes my whole perspective. Makes me look up. Say thank you. Focus on something besides ME. Inspires me. Your “Suck it up, Buttercup” friend sounds like a blessing.

  7. Well done. ANother thought provoking simple post. Giving positive feedback to others should be our norm as a society. This brings to mind a current supervisor who is never one to give postives. Early on she told me she doesnt believe in it…..I do. It has been hard to understand each other! Will give this more thought, thanks

    • She doesn’t believe in it? Kathy B who are you working with? Cruella DeVille? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what she does believe in? It takes all kinds to make our world doesn’t it. You’re an angel for your patience with her.

  8. We all want to feel that our life has worth to others, maybe even make an imprint which will go on long after we are gone. When I feel like I am unappreciated, I will look up and ask—Why am I here?

    • And that’s the perennial question, isn’t it, Rose? Is it eat, drink, and be merry as Salomon pondered? Hopefully, it’s more than making sure the water gets changed on the aquarium…which I sometimes think would turn green if I weren’t around. Or is it to bring just a bit of joy to everyone who crosses our paths? Or is it….to spread the word…which is joy if you think about it.

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