Fake Friends Forever

Let”s have coffee sometime and catch up.”  “Yeah. We should do that.”

And as my friend walks away, we both know,  it’ll never happen. Time, kids, older parents, volunteer work. It all gets in the way. We’d like to be better friends, but when? We just did all the “catching up” we wanted to do  in the grocery store, standing between the toilet paper and toothpaste.

It used to be you knew your fake friends.

Even that has changed:(and we like to examine change….)

Welcome to the Twenty-first Century’s
Fake Digital friends.

Twitter is the worst. Need a popularity boost?

  • There are 20 ebay sellers and 58 websites where people can buy fake Twitter followers.
  • The average price of buying 1000 followers is $18
  • A Dealer can earn as much as $800/day for 7 weeks of selling followings if they can control  20,000 fake accounts. (You’re rethinking your day job, aren’t you?)

Why do people want fake friends? StatusPeople.com explains it like this, “People buy

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6×6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

followers in a vain attempt to build legitimacy. They are essentially trying to game the system.

A search in the WP forum shows this can be a problem for blogs, also. Out of nowhere, a blogger get 5 -10 new subscribers a day for several weeks. The Help Gurus say no harm can come of it and never mind that the followers have suspect names, or link back to a blank page or even a Wikipedia page.

What can you do?

For Twitter, you can enter your handle at Status People  and  discover the number of fakers you have.

For WP:  There’s nothing you can do if fake friends want to follow you. They’re autobots. They won’t comment. They won’t pump up your popularity.


Maybe it’ll help us remember to cherish and take some time with the friends we really do have.

6 thoughts on “Fake Friends Forever

  1. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely
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    the post. I will definitely return.

  2. Thanks much for sharing

    My first response was “why would someone do that?” … then I thought about it, and my first response is now “thank God I don’t have to do that!”

    Papa has blessed my life with many who add depth and value to who I am, and allow me to do the same for them… I am grateful!


  3. Wow, this was fascinating–imagine “buying” followers!! I can barely wrap my head around the notion! Yeah, I’ve had all the “fake” in my life that I’ll ever want–if it’s not real, it’s no deal for this gal. Great post, thank you! God bless–love, Caddo

  4. I think perhaps we need to know the difference between friends and acquaintances. We tend to scatter the word friend around without considering its meaning. Sometimes this is good – we’d like to consider all of the folks at church as friends (even if they aren’t particularly) but most of the people at the office are simply acquaintances. A real friend will bustle up and ask if you want to wait out the hurricane at their place, and of course you can bring the dog and cat, while an acquaintance will make all sorts of excuses, even when your request is well thought put. (You know they have empty bedrooms, etc.)

  5. Where can I get one of those “Faker Scorers” for my real life? In the past my instincts were waaay off the mark. It turned out I had more fake friends than real ones. Through that experience, I’ve learned to value the friends who are consistently there to listen and to share even more. We knit, chat, and lunch together regularly. It’s amazing what a real friend can do that a fake one cannot.

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