Even the Rocks Sing

As two-legged brainiacs, mouth whipping each other with political rhetoric and thumping our chests, we bask at the top of the food chain.

Cattle, fish, soybeans?….All for our enjoyment.

Trees, water, beer cans?…Fodder for our convenience. Never mind that a swollen sense of entitlement for 7-billion+ people means polar bears will be moving into my backyard. Hopefully, they’ll keep the neighbor’s dog from using my lawn as an outhouse.

The good news is there’s something we humans can’t mess with.

It seems a benevolent Creator hid it at the fringes of our atmosphere. And here’s what it sounds like:

What is it? It’s the song from the protective magnetic field wrapped around our little blue planet. Like bullets bouncing off of Superman’s chest, the Magnetosphere deflects charged-particle-blasts from the sun. “Without it, that solar wind would basically blow away much of our atmosphere,” says Peter Tomson, environmental editor at The World.

Ham radio operators have heard fuzzy renditions for years, but NASA satellites captured the radio wave with digital clarity (and you thought the Space Program just delivered Dr. Pepper to the International Space Station).

They’ve named the sound, “Chorus.” And as long as the globe keeps spinning, it’ll keep protecting us. Somehow there’s hope in the thought there are things in the world we can’t change.

And that may be why the planet sings its song.

8 thoughts on “Even the Rocks Sing

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