The Lutheran Ladies: Out of the Church and Into the Front Yard

You know these women. You work with these women.

The Lutheran Ladies’ journeys continue. Now they’re out of the church and setting up shop in the front yard. They aren’t afraid to tell you:

  • Your shirt doesn’t go with your pants.
  • Your casserole needs more seasoning
  • You’re dating the wrong man.

Join them as they travel….

ThroughKnothole_CVR_SmashwordsThrough the Knothole
(in the Lutheran Ladies’ Series)
Book 2

Length: 60,000 words

Kay McCabe is about to lose her house. As a single mom, it’s taken her years to create a safe, cozy home. But when two old Lutheran women need a place to stay, she’s pretty sure she’s about to lose even more.

When Kay’s job falls off an economic cliff, her knee-jerk solutions of renting rooms to the Lutherans and working in a bar, plug up life even more. Now she’s stuck in a new job she hates. Exhausted, she comes home to a couple of comical old church women who barely restrain their opinions, especially about her romantic interest. It’s like living with her mother again—actually two mothers.

She’s lost her privacy. Lost her humor. Lost her faith in others. And God isn’t answering his email.

Now Kay must decide: to try to get life back to normal—or squeeze through a knothole toward the new and unknown.

Paper ($8.49) or Electronic($3.99):

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SmashwordsApple…it takes longer to get to the sales shelf on Apple. Sorry.  Email me here, and I’ll notify you when Apple has Through the Knothole ready.

Laugh, Enjoy. And Tell Others…because you know someone just like these women.

One is looking for normal
One is a charming nutcase
One is Manager-in-Training-for-the-Universe



7 thoughts on “The Lutheran Ladies: Out of the Church and Into the Front Yard

  1. Oh, lordy! Have you met my mother? Just add “We don’t do that” to the mix and you have her down pat. Didn’t much matter what it was I was doing, WE didn’t do it! Can’t wait to read the book.

    • Isn’t that the truth? It’s amazing to me how many emails I get that say: “You ‘ve written all about my. …(fill in the blank) . ”

      We all must have some lulus in our family and friends.

      I hope it makes you laugh out loud.

  2. Woo Hoo. I am so, so glad that you have come out of the closet. Sorry, I missed the point at which you did.
    And I want this book, and the one before it.
    Can I talk to you about how to buy autographed copies please. Pretty please.
    And aren’t all of us, all of these women – for at least some of the time?

    • Well actually, Sue, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m in a closet. It’s more like I’m on a different shelf in the library. You’re one of the few who know both names that I write under. It’s rather fun having two personas. I can be Lois Lane by day, and Wonder Woman by night.

      Let me cogitate on how to get autographed copies to you.

      And… yes, you’re right… we’re all charming, bossy, or normal nutcases….take your pick. I seem to be entering a new stage of life. I call it my Dali Lama stage. It seems the higher I climb on the rungs of life’s years, the more clearly I can see the landscape. I’m hooting at some of the paths I took and shaking my head at some of the things I thought were soooo important.
      I always look forward to your posts.

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