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About the Site

As a life-long Lutheran Lady, I’ve found problems, concerns, joys are often the same among women.  My goal is to create a site where we can share ideas/solutions/ humor/ and support.  It just doesn’t make sense to me that we’re all whittling away at the same problems of change when one of us brilliant women has found something that may work. Share and share again.  You’re accepted and welcome here.

About the Author

I write quirky stories of women struggling with change.  Particularly change that stomps in unannounced and uninvited on contemporary Christian women.

In any group, office, or organization you’ll find women who look change in the eyeballs and whack it with a stick…and who’ve been whacked back. Their stories of sandpaper relationships leave signposts to know God’s amazing, enduring touch for the rest of us on the journey. Let’s talk about them.

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Kris’s Writing Goals: “I enjoy writing about women who are bold, funny, and make mistakes but keep trying. I want you to feel like you can have a beer or coffee (and of course, chocolate) with the characters and dump out your problems…or better yet…say nothing at all and know they understand.  I want to create stories that long after the book closes, the stories resonate in you. But most of all, I want you to smile at yourself because you’ve found the stories of others who are bright, goofy, vulnerable and loved by God—as imperfect as we are.

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