Frequently Asked Questions

Are you one person or a bunch?

Hard to say. There’s one writer, me, but I have work, volunteer committees, social organization and networks, and a coffee house of women from all ages, walks of life, and degrees of patience who like to kick around world problems which include why people walk down the center of the parking lot aisles and why the person at the office who usually arrives late is often the first to leave.  When you’re still learning how the world works, it helps to have a “bunch” of encyclopedias.

Why Lutheran?

Why not?  It’s a highly underrated group who try to keep it that way.  I doubt if these books will do much change that.

Are These Stories Real?

Why do you recognize someone?

Why do you turn off the comments sometimes?

Honestly? I think it’s great when people jump in with something to say.  There’s NOOOOOO reason we should all be scratching our heads and trying to figure out problems when another church, organization, or even business has already made the mistakes, ticked off people, did the repairs, and found a solution we could tweak and adapt.  Sharing is important

That said, not every post is about sharing ideas.  Some are just funny observations (or not-so-hilarious depending on your dip stick of church humor).  I write for a living.  And rub-a-duck, there’s just not time to reply to all comments.  I try to keep posts short so you’ll say, “What the heck it only takes two minutes to read her post even if she is full of questions and quirks.” If you’re bursting with a brilliant thought you want to express, use the contact form.  Or go find a Lutheran and tell them.

Do you do interviews or permit guest bloggers?

Depends. As much as one of my characters wants to be a biker chick, I probably won’t be talking about Lutheran Ladies over in Harley-World. The chances of guest blogging or interviews increase greatly if:

You write with humor and heartache about women trying to find answers to today’s problems. (Humor, women, with a Christian flare—genres my readers like). And you point to God without constantly banging people over the head with a Jesus-Stick.

Your book is professionally created. (Professional editing, book design, cover)

You write a blog for readers rather than writers.

Questions? Let’s talk.

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