Dinner for the Exhausted

You know how I love change, (cough, cough).  Well, I’m sure the Kitchenettes, those brave ladies who clean the church kitchen, are gonna love the Exhaust Burger Dinner. As a matter of fact, it’ll change every busy man or woman’s life.

No more rushing home from

I hope I have time to stop and get some potato salad

  • Work
  • Committee Meetings
  • Choir
  • Gym

to cook dinner. A home-cooked meal is just a drive around the block, a few times with the …..

Exhaust Burger

Add the burger in the handy-dandy pocket. It’s not cooked by the fumes, but by the heat generated by those fumes as you drive your car.

Sorry, only one burger at a time, but if traffic is bad…you can hop out while I-5 looks like a parking lot and change those patties. (Hint: Keep a foil pouch in the back seat and toss the cooked burgers in.)

Featured in Design Boom in 2008, I’m just not sure why it doesn’t come standard with a new car purchase. Smiley  How do you get dinner on the table on a busy night?


6 thoughts on “Dinner for the Exhausted

  1. I’m also a vegetarian, and sort of wondered the same thing as Elephant’s Child. Would that work for a Boca Burger? Might be nice for Grandson Who Hunts; kill it, clean it, and cook it on the way home.

  2. I am going to go away and lie down now. And no, I don’t want fries with my tofudelope burger. I don’t want anything with my tofudelope burger. Ok, I will come out with it – I don’t want a tofudelope burger cooked for me on the road.

      • You probably are going to regret it. I am a vegetarian. The skinny portion is emphatically not a vegetarian. I am fond of bean curd (tofu) which he describes as bean turd. One evening as I was preparing a tasty stir fry (which included tofu) he asked me whether I had considered the number of tofudelopes (tofu antelopes) which had died to bring me my dinner. Now aren’t you sorry you asked?

    • I know. Can’t you just see some guy going into the house with this thing saying, “Look what I just invented, honey,” Then trying to convince her to take a road trip so they could try the gizmo out???

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